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Well, I can't really tell you allllll about me! LOL. But I can tell you that I'm a wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, cousin, and Christian. And I love scrapbooking, card making, painting, and altered art.  I love to coordinate parties with themes and come up with new ways to incorporate paper art into them.   I enjoy working with my hands and making something out of nothing.  It's such a wonderful thing to know that there are so many beautiful women out there who share the same passion for this hobby....ART! that I do. I draw inspiration from everything around me and from people like you! So, let's get scrappin'!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

What's the question?

Hi everyone.  Thanks for stopping by!

Today's topic is  "To Follow or Not to Follow?"

That is the question.

I'm sure that people have their reasons.  Could it be that the blog content doesn't appeal to you? Could it be the design of the blog? Could it be the colors chosen in the set up of the blog? Could it be because there is only a small following of that particular blog? Could it be because you feel that you're more advanced in a particular genre or subject matter than the author of a  blog? Could it be that you're friends with the author? Tell me.  I really wanna know.

The reason that I ask is because I see comments from people on my personal blog, but then notice that they don't become a follower of the web log.  I thought that the main points for blogging is to virtually visit, inspire, connect, educate, interact, comment, document and support people.

Don't get me wrong. I visit blogs a lot of times based on someone else's suggestion.  And a lot of times, I find myself jumping around from one blog to the next, because the information is interesting or appeals to me. And 'no' I don't end up following every single one.  And believe it or not, not all of my 'read' list is about paper crafting!  I'm sure that like me, you have other interests right?  Just to name a few, I have interests in architecture, books, music, movies, food, photography, interior design, even fishing.   I couldn't even begin to list all of the blogs about crafting or otherwise that I'm a follower of! I just keep that list written down in my art journal where I can refer to it whenever I need to.

So, again, I'm truly interested in finding out what makes you decide to become a follower of a particular blog?  Help me understand....



Mary J Scrapper said...

Normally It is the content for me. I like inspiration by seeing what others are doing. I don't normally want to read a lot of written blogs as it is time consuming. I like to read what inspired the project and see the project and keep moving.

Susan D said...

I'm with Mary on this. It's the inspiration of what others are doing...I get a lot of ideas from reading blogs.