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Well, I can't really tell you allllll about me! LOL. But I can tell you that I'm a wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, cousin, and Christian. And I love scrapbooking, card making, painting, and altered art.  I love to coordinate parties with themes and come up with new ways to incorporate paper art into them.   I enjoy working with my hands and making something out of nothing.  It's such a wonderful thing to know that there are so many beautiful women out there who share the same passion for this hobby....ART! that I do. I draw inspiration from everything around me and from people like you! So, let's get scrappin'!

Monday, September 29, 2014

29 Faces Art Challenge 2014 (23-29)


I did it...never doubted it....nah, I'm lying....I really figured that my life would get in the way of me completing this challenge.  And that I'd probably get half way through and give up.  But somehow, I managed to get all 29 Faces DONE!  I sketched, drew and painted everywhere.  It was a blast!  It was a little easier because I combined it with other projects.  That was a big help.

Yay Me!!!!

I call her "Wonky"Wanda
The Sisters
I'd like to give credit to the original artist, but I honestly don't know who it is....But it was inspiring!


One of the nice things about this challenge is that my daughters think that there are several of the faces that I should transfer to canvas and paint.  I'm flattered by that! So, I'll give myself a bit of a break and then try my hand at that.  I surely could put to use all of the new things that I've learned.

I really hope to be able to join in on the next 29 Faces Art Challenge when it comes around again.  It really was great fun.  And I got a lot of practice in.  I actually have a few faces that I didn't include in my posts.  They were the ones that either were done on a scrap piece of paper or I wasn't quite sure what to do with.

Either way, I'm proud to say that I completed the challenge.

Until next time

Sunday, September 28, 2014

29 Faces Art Challenge 2014 (15 - 22)

Hi all
Thanks for dropping by....come on, follow me!

Here's more of the faces that I've been doing for the 29 Faces Art Challenge this month.  I've combined it with finishing up a 5 year journal (where the same questions are answered for five years) that I'm creating from a hardcover book, along with completing several pieces to be abandoned through another group that I belong to https://www.facebook.com/groups/ArtAbandonment/.  I love the whole concept of this...creating art and leaving it some place for someone to find...a total random act of kindness.  It's a good way to spread the joy of what you love, your passion - ART.

I cracked open a set of shimmer paints that I used to only use when making flowers.  I don't know if you can see the shimmer in the first photo, but it really is pretty.  All of the colors in the set are very muted and pale.  Gorgeous!  I'm having such fun painting in this book...I think because I'm not being "careful."  I'm literally doing a lot of the painting without sketching anything out.  It's very "freeing," if you know what I mean.  And I wanted to preserve the integrity of the book and let the text show thru.

Please leave me a little bit of love and tell me what you think -, I'd love to hear from you!


Pieces of Me
 Bald is Beautiful


Still loving all of the practice that I'm getting in while participating in the challenge!  Plus I so enjoy looking at what others are creating.  It really is very encouraging.  And I learn a lot!

I'm right on schedule for posting the last faces of the challenge too; as I'll post at least three other faces that I haven't taken the time to photograph. And still complete the last of the faces by the end of the month! WhoooHoooo! Doin' the Happy Dance!

While you're here, please leave a link to your blog - I wanna see what you've been creating too!

Until next time

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mark's Finest Papers Christmas Card Challenge

Hi all:

Thanks for stopping by!

This is probably the fastest blog post that I'll ever do.

I'm so behind with all of my projects; which is a reminder as to how I shouldn't join everything that catches my eye. LOL.

Anyway, my challenge is create 2 Christmas cards per month until the holiday season.  That way, I have less cards to make when it's time to pull out my list.

So here's July thru October!

Hopefully, I can stay on track now! LOL.

Until next time

Saturday, September 13, 2014

29 Faces Art Challenge 2014 (4 thru 14)

Hi all:

I'm back with more faces for the challenge.

Whenever I get a chance, I sketch.  Most times, faces.  But on occasion I do sketch other things. LOL.  Of course for this post, it's all about faces.  So here goes:







Tammy & Trish





I'm really enjoying this.  So thank you  Ayala Art / http://29faces.blogspot.com/ for this challenge. It's been fun to get back into my first love, sketching and drawing.  And I'm having such a good time blog hopping thru the other artist's participating blogs.  And I'm definitely learning some new stuff; which is absolutely great!

Thanks for stopping by and  taking a peek at what I've been up to.  I'll have to gather together the faces that have (some) color to them next time....

Leave me some bloggy love, I love and appreciate every bit of your comments!

Until next time

Friday, September 12, 2014


Hi all:

Congratulations are in order for my friend. 

We met on line over five years ago and became fast friends instantly.  Although we had only met face-to-face once during that time, we now keep in contact by chatting on line, by telephone, emails and texts regularly.  And spent our summer vacation together with our other "diva" friends Lori and Sharon at GASC this year.  We plan to make this an annual event!

We find that we have so much in common; including our love of crafting among so many other things. 

My mother always said that "in your life-time you'll only have five real and true friends."  And I always hear that ringing in my ears whenever I'm talking to Vivian. 

Some people really do come into your life for a season.  And I'm ever so thankful that Vivian has come into mine.  For a lifetime. I consider her to be real, honest, helpful, encouraging, sweet, and caring.  She's so funny too!  She's a beauty inside and out. 

Vivian is retiring from the United States Airforce military and has served our great country with grace, dignity, honor, commitment and passion for 26 years.  She is a force to be reckoned with: a veteran and educated and a Diva. BAM!!

Please help me in saluting

Senior Master Sergeant Vivian Bolden
Much love "Kinkybella"
Until next time divas


Sunday, September 7, 2014

29 Faces Art Challenge (1,2,&3)

Hi all:

Just a quick post this evening.

As you know, since I've been in the process of reorganizing my room.  So much of my materials and craft supplies are packed away and I'm just too lazy to check  through the many boxes and pull them out. Therefore, I've been sketching a lot.

Well, since I've been working more and more in my art journals and sketching, I decided to join in on the fun at http://29faces.blogspot.com/p/sept2014.html.

The challenge is to do just that.  Create 29 faces and blog about it.  What fun.  And educational too. For me anyway!  No real rules. Sketch a face. Paint a face. Use markers to give the face color. Do anything that you want. Any size, any medium, material or surface.  Any level of expertise is welcome.   Ya Gotta Love it!  Which is something that I really love.

I love to sketch faces. But I don't like to paint faces. LOL.  I haven't quite gotten the hang of shading and such.  But I do like how my "sketches" turn out.  I can pat myself on the back I suppose, since people do buy the painted canvases, (and sometimes right out of my journals) right?!  Either way, I don't do it to get paid, but it is definitely a bonus!

This is #s 1, 2, and 3

Be prepared to see lots of faces from me for the next couple of weeks thru the end of September.  I'll be trying out a few things that have been forming in my head recently! LOL.

So, if you like to draw faces; silly faces, serious faces, smiling faces, sad faces...ANY kind of face on any kind of surface, using any medium of your choosing, then you should join in on the fun.

You can check out many of the other participants' work here

Until next time