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Well, I can't really tell you allllll about me! LOL. But I can tell you that I'm a wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, cousin, and Christian. And I love scrapbooking, card making, painting, and altered art.  I love to coordinate parties with themes and come up with new ways to incorporate paper art into them.   I enjoy working with my hands and making something out of nothing.  It's such a wonderful thing to know that there are so many beautiful women out there who share the same passion for this hobby....ART! that I do. I draw inspiration from everything around me and from people like you! So, let's get scrappin'!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Altered Paint Brush Swap

Hi all:
Over at Scraps of Color, I've joined a new swap.  The "altered paint brush swap."

Check out 
for more ideas

Unfortunately, sign ups are closed for this event and we have all been partnered up.  Although I would suspect that if others want to be involved and there are enough people to partner up, the hostess would be glad to do so.  The more the merrier. This just makes the SOC gallery more beautiful!  And this will be the first time that I've altered a paint brush, so this should be fun.  And anyone that knows me knows how much I love to alter every day items.  This is a glimpse into how I altered the paint brush for my partner Maxine.

Step One
(Leave your brush bristles intact or remove)
Step Two
(Choose your paint color)
 Step Three
(Choose your patterned paper)
Step Four
(Punch or use decorative scissors on the bottom edge)
Step Five
(Gather your embellishments)

Step Six

Stay tuned....I'll be posting a pic of the finished product in the very near future!

Until next time....Hugs+Kisses

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Scrappin Sista said...

Can't wait to see what the paint brush is going to look like!!!

Papercrafting Princess said...

TFS I haven't started mine yet.